Oct 4, 2010

NCWSA Wildcard Selection Show Extravaganza

***Camara fade in***

21 of the 22 nationals teams have already been decided, but that last slot to the holy land is going to be decided tonight. The 97th* annual Wildcard selection show with hosts Cris Kodiak and Jeff Surdej will be held tonight at 8/7cst.

*estimated date of first Wildcard show

There are a few very deserving teams out there that have missed out on making the cut this year, so this will be a hotly contested virtual tournament. If a virtual tournament can be hotly contested...

Keep an eye out for some awesome efforts to get that final slot. Jumpers giving it there all and landing on their heads, skiers throwing it all on the line for that extra bouy and trickers doing tricker like things...oh...wait...all of these scores are from their best scores so far this year? ahhh, well so just go watch some video of prior tournaments when all those things happened.

But make sure to tune in for all the action at 8/7cst TONIGHT.

***camera fades to black***

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