Oct 15, 2010

NCWSA Nationals Mens Tricks

So NCWSA nationals mens tricks just completed and it was hella flip happy at the end, and thus I was hella flipping happy. You can watch the webcast here.

Chat transcript from one of the judges on site at nationals.
10:04 ncwsa: storm just killed it
10:04 ncwsa: 7 flips
10:04 ncwsa: both mobs and front flip
10:04 ncwsa: has to be leader

And since we don't have any video from the site, here is Storm at AWSA nationals in August.

10:08 ncwsa: ok dylan next
10:09 ncwsa: you could be watching history here
10:14 ncwsa: he did bflbb, r, fflb, bfl, r, bflb,r,bflf,ffl
10:14 ncwsa: slb was out so no record
10:14 ncwsa: well im sorry that was just one judges call
10:14 ncwsa: but im pretty sure slb will be out
10:14 ncwsa: but still amazing
10:14 ncwsa: storm and dylan will be close

The announcer mentioned a few minutes after Dylan's run that the score was about 6400 or so. So he rocked the shit out of it but no record. Kids only a freshman so hes still got 3 1/2 years to break Jimmy's record.

Again, no video from the site so this is a youtube vid we found. Would have used his AWSA nationals run but he feel early in his first pass and fell near the end of his second pass, and this is way cooler anyways.

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