Sep 27, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Wake Up With A Crash

We did not steal this from Horton...we stole it from Tony. And the first 44 seconds of it are the most brutally bs thing ever. NO WE DO NOT WANT TO WATCH A SUPER SLOW MO CUT AT THE RAMP!!!! GAHHHH oh but if you click right to the 45 second mark and watch you will see some straight up explosion. This vid is a good example of why you should not use a frayed rope. Was this one in bad shape? How the F would I know. But it broke so I'm guessing it was not great.


  1. Tony Lightfoot4:56 PM

    The rope wasn't frayed - it actually caught on a loose piece of fiberglass on the ramp's side curtain, hence the breakage. This info was courtesy of Aurelein himself...

  2. oh my gosh. that is awesome.

  3. i mean, it sucks,


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