Sep 21, 2010

Laurentano is better then everyone

Crb Girl and noted in-front-of-bathroom interviewee Alex Laurentano participated in a waterski tournament this last weekend. Turns out, besides being a good jumper, she is also quite adept at the short board.


Well, we are glad you asked. Alex bested the old collegiate trick record by some number of points. Her run included, probably, some flips and toe-turns right? What about a whirlybird, tell me about the whirlybird! And whats this about Austin?

Explain in detail
Univeristy of Monroe's latest recruit, Alex Laurentano, demolished the NCWSA Women's trick record this past weekend at the 25th Hour Classic Tournament. Alex tricked 4930, and if passed by the NCWSA board, will surpass the previous record set by her old teammate at Florida Southern Clemetine Lucine. Alex also jumped 149 and help lead Monroe past rival Louisiana Lafayette who upended Monroe the previous weekend, should be a good showdown in Austin.

UL-M and UL-L are sick. How on earth do all the best skiers always wind up there? Is it black magic? Sorcery? Or something more sinister.

Ahh, there it is. The threat of portable bathrooms. Enough to make even the most hardened criminal weap.

Luckily for Alex and the rest of the collegiate world, Hope College is taking a year off to study a broad. haha get it? a broad?? Like a singular, non plural, women?

Court jester over here!! *bike horn*


  1. she will love that the crb associates her with portable toilets. well and with sad Keaneu and TacoCat

  2. has anyone ever come to a conclusion as to what those are called?? portable toilets, portable bathrooms, port-o-potties, port-o-johns?

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM


  4. Its spelled Lauretano you winners.

  5. Yes there is an N mr. cris. we are talking about a different person. Get your facts straight son.

  6. weird. its spelled with an N in the article we cut/pasted from, yet, its spelled without the N elsewhere.

    Whatever. If that is the least of our mistakes then we are within the acceptable levels set forth by CRB HQ

  7. well maybe we should hire a fact checker...I mean we make millions off of the ads...or we have never made anything off the ads. Its shenagens


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