Sep 1, 2010


This jump was apparently mad that someone would hit it while on shoe skis and so it burned them up. YAY FIRE


  1. damnit, this has to happen more in real life. like, your drive to work in the morning??? you drive through fire.

    you take a slalom run?? buoy six is on fire.

    you are making dinner for that special someone?? the kitchen is on fire!

    note...the kitchen thing is just something that I did. once. its a mess.

    or, how about this. You make that big sale you have been working for?? SET SHIT ON FIRE!

  2. I like where your going with this. cook bacon? set the the microwave on fire.
    sell widgets? set your desk on fire.
    smoke cigs? set that hobo on the street on fire.

    last one may be a bad idea.


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