Sep 14, 2010

CRB Reviews - Syndicate Slalom Ski

Recently the CRB team had the opportunity to head out for a day on the water and rip it up all at expense of someone else, skiing on someone elses dime.  It was fantastic!  We spend the day wearing ourselves out, getting as many ski runs in as we could and blowing through a ton of gas.

That night, however, ODBF's mom found out we stole her credit card and used it to buy gas and wake surfers and beer.  Someone can't take a joke.

However, the CRB staff is one thing if not determined and single minded in focus.  The next day, bright and early, we all got up (because I guess we all live together) and piled into the new CRB Tahoe and decided to take our jobs serious.

On the agenda, test out the Syndicate A1 slalom ski.

So, we ventured to the local pro-shop, where our buddy Anderson was happy to show us this awesome ski.

Our review is going to be totally chronological, with a few thoughts thrown in here and there because this is being written in one take.  WE'LL DO IT LIVE!

We had a couple bloody mary's to loosen up our mind and let us be open to something new, and Anderson was nice and warm to our crew of miscreants who came piling out of our ride like a bunch of drunk goons.  Now, to be perfectly honest, we weren't drunk.  The majority of the CRB staff are wise and responsible when it comes to the booze.  We do, however, do not judge people if they feel like having a couple drinks and being driven around and looking at cool ski gear!

So, our first impression of the ski.

Damn, that looks cool.  and Wow, it feels really light!

Now, in the few years we have been taking care of all your waterski needs via poorly constructed blog posts, we still never really came to a resolution as to the name "Syndicate".

Initially we thought it was a totally new company that sprung up overnight, nabbed some bad-ass skiers and started stomping people.  Then again, Radar is another company like that.  There HAS to be some history there that we don't know about or we haven't researched it or whatever.

None the less, eventually we figured out its part of H.O.  Whoa.  good work Einstein.  How long did that take you?  A minute?  Shut up,  your mom liked it.

Now, with that in our back pocket, we decided that we needed to get some bindings so when we actually got on the water and said "HIT IT" the ski would stay affixed to our feet and not go bobbing off somewhere down the lake like an expensive piece of driftwood while our dumbass's went all mermaid on your ass.

One of the aspects of our sport that has come along way, well...hold on.  Lets rephrase.

One of the aspects of our sports that has changed quite a bit in recent years appears to be what you jam your feet into.  Wakeboards appear to have really captured this, the bindings for a board are stunningly expensive, and that seems to have migrated its way to slalom skis.

Those of you with a minimal amount of business knowledge/acumen will understand that our companies that make our ski gear, from vests to skis to ropes to boats to waterproof fleshlights understand that in the economies of scale aspect of business, things are going to be expensive.  We aren't a major sport, and wise companies go wide in their reach, not niche.

Ugh, our college professor is in our heads right now, admonishing us for being both hungover, late and wicked smart.  Thats right son, how about them apples.

Anyways, we decided to go with the EXO Form Double Cuffs, because, they look BITCHIN!!!!

When we were really young, like, 2 years ago when we were between 16 and 45, and super hot and nubile, one of our best friends had a small ski shop.  It had the best atmosphere ever for a shop.  You always felt at home, you could browse around and check stuff out, talk shop with people, talk people with shop, and probably catch someone sneaking out back to do a J.

It was at this place that we got most of our fashion sense, which is currently regrettable, but an awful lot of our love for the business aspect of the sport.  Just seeing product, stuff, how the personality of the company manifested itself into their product.

You can see this now as well, various companies and how the personality of the company comes through in their product.  We will joke about the various level of douche employed by various companies and even people that we know in the world, know that we are bagging on them as well, but, it is interesting.

So, the Double Cuffs look sweeeeet, and we wanted those.

Here comes the But.

Cost.  We couldn't afford it and don't get free stuff.  So, this is where our review of the product ends from personal experience.  It looked awesome, it had the look we were looking for, but, that doesn't mean a thing unless it performs.

Like your mom.

In all honesty, we still ski on a old-ass Kidder Redline, which we love.  Check out our bizzare Tumblr page and you know we got some love for the Sammy Duvall, and if we remember right he rocked the Kidders.

Hence, our allegiance to this ski.  Now, Kidder has gone through a 100 incarnations and is now known as D3?

We have a bunch of friends who have ridden the new Radars and the D3 and the Syndicates and they are all way beyond our talents.  Fast as hell, turn like mother and accelerate like your "uncle" when your dad gets home.

So, what should you take away from our review?

Two things.

1)  Watch the video above.  Is our boy Marcus Brown not destined for CEO of a ski company?  Dude is locked in on things.  No wonder he is killing it.

2)  We are at such an amazing time in our sport.  We are devising new ways to get our product (both equipment and events) out to a new breed and brand of skiers, we are developing cutting edge products (Goode buoys??  WHAT!!) and have such a bevy of amazing skiers (wakeboard, slalom, jump, kneeboard?, barefoot, and our favorite naked show skiing) that this sport seems primed for a explosive burst of growth.

So, yeah, thats what we took away from simply seeing a Syndicate ski at a shop.  Yes.  Its a tangent, but, if HO wants to send us one for reals?  Hit us up.  We will ride that puppy to the Malibu Open championship next year.

Images and Video from HO SPORTS


  1. yea mom was pissed!! haha...or wait...

    But yea, my wardrobe still contains way to much from the ski shop days. /Puts on body glove shirt

  2. mr zogs sex wax approves your comment

  3. well i got some mr zogs sex wax on my body glove shirt so i put on this sweet Vuarnet shirt. or maybe this brand new hyper color

  4. 7 jeans. true religion. i say no but they keep giving.

    check out the CRB shop.

  5. we have a shop? damn, i need me some crb gear!


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