Sep 30, 2010

CRB Buys A Plane

Its cold here and I will have to wrap the boat up for the year soon. That depresses me...I have been curled up in the fetal position crying for the last week or so. So that got me thinking, what do I need to be able to ski more? A PLANE! HELLZ YEA THAT WOULD RULE.

So the CRB had a meeting this morning to discus if we would spend some of our vast* wealth on a sea plane.
*vast = broke and living on the street

ODBF: I want a plane, what you guys think?

Life Jacket: I live on the other side of the country and its warm here right my vote is...

ODBF: If you vote yes you can have one of these surf boards

Life Jacket: Sweet Bro.
/votes yes
/hangs ten

CRB Minion: I'm in prison in Mexico, how would this help?

ODBF: You could run dr...

CRB Minion: /votes yes
/sets up Mexican drug cartel

Rowboat Abides: Whats that sonny? Whats this new fangled machine of which you speak?

ODBF: Old man be quiet.
/hands Rowboat Abides a new box of depends.

Rowboat Abides. /votes yes
/shits self
/grows neck beard

Dig Dug: As long as your handing out stuff what you got for me?


Dig Dug: /votes yes

ODBF: HELLZ YEA, lets do this!


  1. that is not a good start to a day if you ask me

  2. wtf man, i figured the board came with the girl!

  3. IRREGAHDLESS (*spoken with an obnoxiously shitty impersonation of a boston accent) that was an epic 30 seconds of flight. still though, the term "in flight beverage" just doesn't have the same ring as "road soda"

  4. ah good ol' road sodas. You are correct "in flight beverage" just dose not sound as good. But I will be consuming my fair shair of beverages of the sky today.


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