Aug 30, 2010

Vid Day Monday

The Wonder Lake ski team from north of Chicago in IL. They have a habit of going huge at tournaments and crashing alot. People often say if they could just stand up their show they would win every tournament. Well they stood it up this year and their team motto of "Wonder Laking it" gave the crowd a very good show. Around the 6 minute mark there is a 6 man front flip off the ramp, that is a crazy big jump act. 1 skier off the world record front held by the Tampa Bay ski team who used all pros when they did it.

This vid is a recap of the Wonder Lake teams show, well worth the 8 minutes.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Actually, to "Wonder Lake It" means to go so big that you no longer ski clean and end up having lots of falls. Having watched Wonder Lake's show, as well as the 2-4th place finishers, Wonder Lake Wonder Laked it the least.

    Mad-City joked about this during their show on Saturday...

  2. Wonder Lake says it the other way around, as after they won nats they said "we just wonder lake'd it". I dont think they would use their own team name to refer to blowing shit up all over the lake. So your definition would be more aptly described as a insult used by other teams, not as the proper definition.


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