Aug 2, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Take That Horton

So John Horton thinks hes a big shot because his site gets all these things called "Hits". Well we here at the CRB are not caught up by going after the latest trend or fashions in the world. And we think Horton just made up this idea of "hits" so he could make us feel bad. But he did offer us a beer once, so we are still plotting on how to make him pay up.

We took a quick poll in the CRB World Headquarters to see what the greatest minds in waterski journalism think.

Dig Dug: Beer and some dirt
Life Jacket: Mojito and some bikini clad babes
What the hell is this stuff? Someone please tell me!

CRB Minon: Crack and Hookers
Frank in maintenance: Mad Dog 20/20
Homeless guy in the dumpster: You already asked me...I work in maintenance.
Rowboat Abides: Ensure and a box of depends

So there you have it. The CRB staff is all crazy, well except for Life Jacket, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. NOT THAT HE POSTS VERY OFTEN!!!!!
/subtle hint

Oh and here is Seth Stisher making fun of Horton. Kid does a good impression.

And yes, we stole this vid as well straight from Seth's website. H2Australia Waterski Tips. Odd name for a site considering he is from the southern US. But to each his own.

***Ed Note: Purple Drank is kool aid, cough syrup, codiene with some jolly ranchers thrown in for good measure. WTF is wrong with people?***

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