Aug 2, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Need For Speed

We like to cover all aspects of waterskiing on the CRB, even if we do hate on some events, but speed skiing we normally write off as just insane. And this video has totally changed our minds. We still believe it to be completely insane, but now that we have realized that it has crazy hot chicks involved we have thrown away or slalom ski and bought a Majharaja and a 40 foot 8 billion horsepower boat. The practice today was a bit sketch as by the time the boat gets up to speed we are crashing into shore and other assorted immovable objects, but screw it, if we win we get to hang out with CRB Girl Lauren Eagle.

So we are in!! LETS DO THIS!!

And yes we stole this vid from Horton's Ball of Spray Guards.

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