Aug 25, 2010

New Womens WR in Jump

For years it looked like no one could touch the three womens world records. Kristi Overtons 1@41 set in 1996 held the top spot alone for 12 years and has yet to be surpassed, Tawn Larson set her first world trick record in 1988 and beat her own record 3 times the last record set in 99, that record held for 7 more years, and Elena Milikova booted a 56.6 meter jump or 185.7 feet in 2002. Elena's 8 year old record may have fallen to June Fladborg with a 57.4 meter (188.3 feet) bomb. A few years back when skiing with Natalia Birdnikava it was easy to see that they way the girls like here could jump the world record would fall. I had put my money on Natty dropping it but blowing out a knee does not help. If the numbers hold up from Hazelwoods then a big congrats to June.

June the CRB cooler is open any day you want to stop by and pop open a ice cold PBR tall boy.


  1. that has a zapruder look to it. however, the image of her flying away with the water coming off her skis = bitchin.

  2. That water off the skis has me thinking...would skis with less friction fly a little better? i know that sounds dumb but this is an event that comes down to inches (tenths of a meter) and so maybe that water dragging on the ski is slowing it down just the slightest bit. of course something that has to little friction would be squirrelly as hell on the water and ramp. Hell I suck at jumping so what do I care.

  3. a physics professor would applaud your use of a frictionless environment. however, in the real world, know, there is friction.

    OH OH! slap some ky or something on there. boom world records abound

  4. well i know there is friction, but what about lower friction materials. I guess they currently use pretty smooth stuff and all that...I hate you.


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