Aug 24, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out - Afternoon Delight

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

The Wonder Lake show ski team won the national title at the 2010 show ski nationals in Bumble Fuck Wisconsin.

A 17 year old kid towing a wake boarder ran over a rower and killed him on Lake Stevens in Everett Washington. Just another reason why I think big wakeboard boats are stupid. This accident is being blamed on how high the bow of the boat was combined with how low the rowing shell was and the setting sun. I'm going to blame it on a dumb kid with shitty loud music playing while driving a boat that is unnecessarily large while not paying attention because some vapid slut with a tiny bikini was sitting in the boat talking about how awesome that wake to wake jump with about 8 inches of air was. I have no proof to back that up but that is a pretty standard wakeboard boat set up.

Amber Wing and Philip Soven won wakeboard titles in Knoxville TN. The article states that a wakeboard is a "wide single waterski".

Backwater Gamblers of the Quad Cities (Illionis side of the border) placed 3rd at show ski nationals and get an article in the local paper. The article spends about 99.4% of the time explaining that "barefooting" is waterskiing with no skis and not walking around with no shoes on. Thank you for the knowledge Mr. Quad City Times reporter man.

Also in the Quad Cities area was a adaptive waterski clinic for disabled skiers. I have been involved with a few clinics like this and they are awesome. Just to see how much fun these kids have on the water makes it all worthwhile. /sappyness over

Also from the Quad Cities:

Macs Waterski World has stickers...not really waterski related...but wootable.

Miss Mexico got "promoted". Is this waterski related? YES IT IS JUST LOOK I SWEAR IT IS.

Footstock, the largest figure 8 barefoot tournament in the world was held this weekend in some other podunk town in Wisconsin. This year the winner ran over 5 1/4 figure 8s to win one of his runs. Thats something like 10 miles of barefooting. I footed for a about a 1/4 mile the other day and my feet felt like they were on fire. This guy is not going to walk for months.

Wakeboarding is making me care less and less about the Masters.

The Canadian Nationals were held recently (might know the date if I read the article but there were lots of words) and Dave Miller took 3rd in slalom* with 983 points (points?) and got a good picture in the paper. Whitney McClintock continued to dominate womens slalom in Canada and for her efforts got this awesome picture in the paper of a kick ass WHEELIE. HELL YEA WHEELS UP BIZNITCHEZ

*might know his division but again there were to many words


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    it was wisconsin rapids, btw

  2. ah, that is our fault. We will have to talk to our research department about this error.

  3. what the hell, there is a research department now??

  4. what the hell, there is a research department now??

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    how do you know the boat was a wakeboard boat? The article states ski boat, and I couldn't find any reference elsewhere to what the boat was. It could have been an old 190 or 2001, or even a newer ski boat.

    The Masters news is actually some of the best news ever. Now someone who knows the system, and the right way to do things is put in charge, and will assign the actual judges. Great move by Nautique, and a reward to someone for putting in hard work.

  6. in regards to the wake board boat accident, the type of boat was stated in another article about the accident.

    And the Masters is a great event, but wakeboarding is not a good tournament sport. its awesome to watch a talented person do it when on the water, but its just boring to watch in a tournament atmosphere. and because the masters includes wakeboarding I have lost respect for the event. Its just a way for Nautique to showcase all their big ass boats on the water. you want a wakeboard masters then host it a seperate weekend.


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