Jul 19, 2010

Vid Monday - Tiny House on the Prairie Style

The above video is one of those weirdo things you get on Yahoo.com sometimes, some random dude/dudette doing something odd and it changes their lives/lives of those around them/cures cancer/WHATEVER.

The reason this one struck us here at CRB HQ is the fact he says "I pay under 100 a year in utilities" Un-god damn-believable.

Think about that for a second!! ODBF spends more then that on a weekend on low-end call-girls/boys.

If you want to waterski on the cheap, well, nine times out of six you are probably screwed, what with the public waters being regulated, boats being so expensive that you have to actually sell your damn arm for down payment, and private lakes mainly being run by douche.

Here is a dude who can tow his house with a pick-up (or in the video a uhaul) and just set up show wherever.

Think Jay Bennet or Jack Travers or your mom would notice a 80 square foot house off in a field somewhere? haha! NO WAY!

You hide your house out there, then sneak up pretending to be a student..."i want to learn how to ski kind sir" then BOOM!! 4 buoys at 15 off. WHAT BITCH!! WHAT YOU GOT ON ME!

SEE???? its that simple.

ODBF will probably have some report on the Wisconsin state show ski tourney that most likely odbf didn't actually attend. but, lies spoken like truth can sometimes taken as the truth if the lie is believable.

Whoa. did we just blow your mind?

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