Jul 19, 2010

Vid Monday - T-Shirt on the Prowl

We have been kicking around the idea of some CRB apparel for a few months now, in fact, its gone back to our roots at our other site, five or six years ago, that Rowboat Abides started, which became CRB, before that bitch ass went and got PAID by the man. (hit the 30 second mark of the vid for what we did to Rowboat. SHOE PROGRAM!)

Well,  we want to show y'all our first idea for a CRB t-shirt and see what you think.  For now, this is just a early idea of what the final product will look like, sort of like whats going on in your girlfriends stomach right about now.  HAHA!  You got her pregnant!!

Not really.  We did.

Damn, thats a good looking t-shirt.   Thoughts??


Speak now. Give us your tired your hungry your weak. We will make them into CRB Staff

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