Jul 19, 2010

Vid Monday - Someone is a G-D Liar

ODBF is going to try and write something that somewhat resembles a retrospective of the ODBF's weekend in bumblefuck Wisconsin, because there was a waterski event happening, and despite what you may or may not read (what am i your god damn parents) don't believe a word of it.

Why you may ask??  CRB HQ is policed by a high tech phone monitoring system, where all phone calls, text messages, skype calls, youporn uploads are all monitored by a central system.  Its pretty simple, but, at the same time our employees seem to never get it right.

Take Greg in the shipping department, he thought he would upload a video of his ex-girlfriend onto a revenge site through his company issued laptop.  Despite being off-grounds, the i.p address was flagged by our server, which we call "dick-stomped", and he was swiftly given the option of quitting or being fired, or being fired at by rifles.

Anyways, we know the GPS location of the tournament that ODBF was assigned to as well as the hotel ODBF was assigned to.

Lets just say, that ODBF was NOT in the location that was sent down from corporate.  His EQ-32 report had better explain why the deviation from the scheduled protocol happened or shit will hit the fan.

Guess one?  booze
Guess two?  skanky hook up.
Guess three?  car trouble

Lets make it easy, car trouble?  doubtful.  All CRB cars are inspected by CRB HQ prior to release (they are all 2003 Yukon Denalis) and powered by mercury.  Skanky Hook Up?  hahaha.  ODBF cant even hook up with a glory hole.  Either side.  Booze?  that is the most logical.

Long story short.  ODBF is a douche.

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