Jul 12, 2010

Vid Day Monday - In Russia Monday Vid Days You

It looks like St. Petersburg in Russia likes to flood. Might have something to do with the fact that Peter the Great had it built in a swamp...no that could not be it. That would be like blaming New Orleans flooding issues with the fact that its built below sea level. Oh...yea, that is the problem...

ODBF: So check out this vid its great, its a flooded street in St. Petersburg
CRB Reader: How is this waterski realated
ODBF: This two girls want to cross the street and they are afraid of the water wreaking their shoes.
CRB Reader: um...skiing...?
ODBF: Then this friendly dude shows up and carries them across the street
CRB Reader: WTF man, have you fallen of the waterski wagon again?
ODBF: /urge to kill rising
ODBF: just go to the 2:00 point in the vid

Chivalrous Russian Carries Women Across Street - Watch more Funny Videos

CRB Reader: /eats crow
ODBF: oh and check out this vid of a puppy fighting a robotic velociraptor
CRB Reader: and back to my previous point...

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