Jul 14, 2010

Morning Lake Trout

Morning lake trout is our attempt at keeping you all a bit more informed of what is going on in the waterski world. We will attempt to post one of these every morning, but expect it to be more like once a year or so. Thats way more our style

I thought this happened a week or two ago, so why did slalom ski mag just post it yesterday? Am I going to do any research to see if it happened this last weekend? No. Am I going to do any fact checking at all? Nope. Do it yourself if your so interested! Gosh!!

Yes, she is a better skier then any of us will ever be

Running order, and officials for the largest ski tournament in the world. I always find it kinda funny that the largest waterski tournament (by pulls) is a state tournament, I would think a the nationals would be larger, but showskiers are weird and wear tights, so I guess they play by different rules...and different teams then the rest of us. Oh, and this show tournament is this weekend in some podunk ass town called Wisconsin Rapids. I wonder what state thats in...

Spain won the world cup which is sad...because it means Bobbi Eden will not be dishing out 5000 blow jobs and instead Enrique Iglesias will be skiing naked in Biscayne Bay in Miami. Well I guess thats better then Enrique offering 5000 BJs. Well really, 5000 BJs is pretty gross no matter what, unless your the first guy then your getting sloppy 2nds thru 5000ths. Well maybe Bobbi will take notice of how this model responded to her team losing and follow thru as a "gift" to the team.

Yay naked hipsters...wait...wrong reaction (we will call this pic our answer to all the women saying CRB Brings The Sexy does not show any love for our lady readers)

Need a vacation? Why yes, yes I do. Rowboat Abides is a slave driver* and all of these posts that take up almost all** of my day have been burning out the staff of the CRB world headquarters.
*I think the rowboat sank
**at least 10 minutes

So I can't figure out how to embed this video, so instead you will have to click here and check it out. Its the Tampa Bay ski team thru the years. Its got some pretty sweet footage in there, like pyramids and barefooters in pools like what are used by wakeboarders for expos.

It seems that the Backwater Gamblers won their reagional tournament. Of course there is no information of any use in this article and the picture is about the size of a thumbnail. So don't waste your time clicking on the link. You could make up your own story and it would probably tell you more about what happened then the article does. Like "I heard they won by performing the first ever 27 man around the boat and had a 403 person barefoot line." Pretty crazy stuff, wish I had been there*.
*My American flag has 48 stars. I do not accept Indiana or Missouri as US states.

But first...How about another Foggy Mountain Breakdown (This version is crazy good)

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