Jul 7, 2010

Morning Lake Trout

Morning lake trout is our attempt at keeping you all a bit more informed of what is going on in the waterski world. We will attempt to post one of these every morning, but expect it to be more like once a year or so. Thats way more our style.

The Bellevue Iowa show ski team followed the concept of the show must go on this weekend after a couple horses and a wagon went flying thru the crowd injuring many people and killing the driver.

The Southern Extreme show ski team put on a show on July 4th, their first show after one of their skiers was killed during practice a few weeks earlier.

Well now that we are all sad how about some fun news. Waterski hotty and prospective Miss Universe contestant Lauren Eagle from Australia has won her first professional...boxing...match? Yes, I am betting that her handlers for the Miss Universe contest told her that what she needed to do to get ready was to get punched in the face a bunch of times.

This guy wants to ski across Loch Ness to raise money for a charity. I like ice cold water as much as the next guy (/shrinkage) but that damn monster loves to eat him some yankees.

oh, so Nessie just likes reading Simpsons story boards? Carry on then

Heres a story from the Hometown Annapolis. Its about wakeboarding, I read a couple words then saw that it was a long article and got bored and took a nap. Its probably a great article though so you should read it.

What does your email address say about you?
/gets rid of AOL email account, sets up Yahoo

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