Jul 13, 2010

Flip Like You Mean It

When I first read the note from this guy about this vid, I thought he said Reverse Gainer (I'm an idiot) and got all confused. Would that be called a front flip... A reverse gainer would more likely be a gainer with thrown with the skis going towards the boat, which would be stupid as you would get all tangled in the rope and then probably die. I am often afraid I will die when skiing. Thats why I stay in this bubble in Al Gore's basement. The bubble protects me from all sorts of dangers, but mostly it just keeps Al away, hes always asking for a "happy ending" whatever that means.

and another one which if you read the title you quickly realize that no, its just a guy doing a reverse heli...so again like I said earlier, I'm an idiot.

Yep, they are good. and they need a new camara...

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