Jul 31, 2010

CRB Brings the Sexy - Yep She Wins

Often times we have corporate type people from other companies come by the CRB HQ for certain business things. For example, other companies often use us for logistics, consulting, marketing, financial advice, etc.

As it turns out, the folks from FHM magazine were in town the other day and wanted to swing by and grab a drink and catch up on old times. See, a few people in FHM Corporate were formally employees of CRB. They decided that all the free booze, cheez its and inter-office romances weren't enough to offset our huge salaries.

Anyways, ODBF stays in touch with a few of them and they were having a hard time believing that ODBF had finally settled down into a meaningful relationship and really wanted to meet this person. See, they were skeptical that Marissa Miller was as attractive as ODBF made her out to be, and that she was as attractive as they had been lead to believe.

They had their camera's with them, natch, and so they took pictures of her in a typical day. Observe.

Perfectly reasonable lawn mowing attire

ODBF is not one to sully the hands or get dirty doing household chores, so, Marissa is out mowing the lawn when they first arrive.

Cuba is having a socio-political struggle?  Gah!!

After she finished mowing the lawn, and getting cleaned up and into something a bit less restricting, she retired to the patio to bone up on the daily happenings.

The veggies on that plate look gross

We were all tuckered out from a long day of CRB'ing, and like any good relationship, the other party knows when the other needs some pampering, so, Marissa made ODBF's favorite, plain noodles and some green shit for dinner. 

Just use the damn dishwasher Marissa!

After dinner we all had cocktails on the porch and smoked cigars while Marissa cleaned up.  Nice day huh? 

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