Jul 17, 2010

CRB Brings the Sexy - Twice as Nice

So the blogger program decided to mess with me and post when we made the Dita post instead of doing as it was told and posting at 1 AM on Saturday morning. BAD BLOGGER. Or our trained monkeys are idiots and can not punch in dates properly. But due to that terrible mishap we have decided to provide a second CRB Brings the Sexy this week, you are all so lucky! We never got two rounds of sexy when we were young, we had to steal dads playboy and hide in a closet to see any sexy and all you have to do is hit the awesome button on the lappy keyboard and BOOM your at the CRB for all our wit, style and sexy just oozes out of the screen.

Betty Draper. Stepford wife? yes please

January Jones of Madmen does not get enough love from the CRB. We are so infatuated with Christina Hendriks that we have given her short shrift. But now, for your viewing pleasure:

Wow, look at the headlights on that...car

Smoking is bad for you. That outfit on the other hand is good for me

God and some random animals have given us the gift of January, luckily with no snow

I got nothing

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