Jul 10, 2010

CRB Brings The Sexy /moves to Italy

I have no idea what the hell any of them are saying, but this is better then every single show on American TV right now, with the possible exception of Mad Men. And that may only be because I find Christina Hendricks and her scotch drinking ways to be the hottest thing ever. Well besides that one time I saw that girls thong above the top of her jeans in calculus class. Oh yea, my eyes totally scored that day, my Magic: The Gathering buddies were all so jealous.

Ok so Italians have this TV thing nailed down. And they know exactly when to play Tom Jones.

Italy 1
USA prudes 0

Italy wins the CRB Brings the Sexy Cup

ODBF note: If you tuned in this morning to see the morning lake trout then just go shoot yourself in the face right now.

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