Jul 20, 2010

Alizee..more like, Alizawesome! AMIRITE!!!!

I'm your *cough* huckleberry

"In some circles, the Alizée Cup is a far far better thing than the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, and the lower Oakland roller derby finals all rolled into one. This race attracts a very special breed."

You damn right it is.  This is something we have been waiting on for almost a year, since the 2009 Alizee cup.  We were all huddled in CRB HQ all giddy with excitement to watch this years installment on our new CRB TV.  It was catered!

No shit!  We had this local burrito joint bring us plate after plate of tasty burritos with chicken or steak or beef.  Spicy hot, mild, it made no matter.  We were scarfing those puppies down like crazy.  Like, Andy in shipping had to be held back when they brought in the chorizo ones.  He was like, "GET ME SOME OF THAT!!"

It was crazy all around!  We had to send out an intern for more Jim Beam and parliment cigerettes not once, but TWICE! The drinking.  Wow!

NO KIDDING!  We were slamming down a new concoction that ODBF came up with, sprite, valium and Beam.  OH.  it was quenching a powerful thirst!  I think some babies were made!

Speaking of which.  Oh...Andrea (thats an-dre-aa) who runs our logistics progam, ohhh...haha, she totally has a thing for Mike in parts, and we think after a few of the ODBF drinks, a joint or two and maybe some verbal encouragment, she actually asked Mike out!  They are so cute!  HAHA.  Totally going to be a thing for a while.  Well, until, Mandy in H.R hears about this.  Totally out on their ass.  What about Rowboat you say??

TOTALLY!!  We actually gave Rowboat a text, saying, "hey.  we are all at the bowling alley on Williamson Court!"  That willy bitch actually called our bluff and showed up!  haha! what a kidder!  Figures that Rowboat would show up right when the metimucel and vicoden arrived!  what a scamp!

Back to the action!  Chris Parrish!  Doc Holliday himself totally smoked his competition!  I KNOW!! AMAZING!  That boy is something else!

Regina Jaquess!  What can we say!  DOMINATION!  oh and totally sets hearts aflutter!  OH BOY!  you know it, we have more then one eligible bachelor tugging on my sleeve looking for the hook up!  Have to say, hey, its the booze buddy.  You don't have a chance!

All around it was an awesome weekend for the CRB staff, we watched the Alizee cup like Buddy Garrity eyes up strippers.  HO HO HO!  Oh yeah, thats great hustle!!!!

We can't wait till the 2011 Alizee tournament!  Sure to be another rip-roaring good time!!!!!

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  1. It seems that I have a drinking problem and it is affecting the whole office. I win


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