Apr 12, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Human = Monkey

This stuff is awsome...if your into people flying around and jumping off shit. Which lucky for you guys I am.

That was tagged "freestyle walking" (note its not, its called Parkour), but that got the ODBF thinking about freestyle jumping. This shit is just cool and looks quite painful.

There is an line front mobe in there...that shit is just nuts.

And speaking of freestyle jumping it appears that The Malibu Open will be having a freestyle event. As the malibu open is going back to the showski state (minus the good doc) it would only make sense that is where freestyle jumping it make its return to pro events. I am told that Dolphin Wetsuits teamed up with Dana Reed to bring this event back.

I have heard from my spies* placed deep in underworld of waterskiing that not only will there be freestyle jumping, a night jump, mens slalom, but sponsers may be coming forward and putting up the dollas to bring in the ladies as well. This could be quite the event.

*monkeys with iphones

I think the CRB staff will be adding this event on to our summer plans. So that means we will be terribly busy with the LA Night Jam in June and The Malibu Open in August. Ok so we wont be very busy at all...beer drinking takes alot of time you know!!

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