Its been a great 4 years. The CRB has reached heights reserved only for the gods of men. Yet, all good things have to end. So, it is me, Rowboat Abides, one last time, saying thanks and we wish everyone well. CRB lives on in all of you.


**Obvious Update**

Welp, that takes care of that.

Radiohead-Karma Police
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  1. huh??? Did I miss a vote? This is shenanagens

  2. umm. what? correct me if I am wrong but Rowboat no longer works here anymore, right? How does Rowboat still have the access card to get into the building during off hours?

    Whats going on??

  3. Brittney in Accounting9:17 AM

    What the F? Why am i always the last to know, I was in on time this morning trying to log in to the CRB Mainframe and all i got was the pinwheel of death.

  4. according to the twitter account its true. What is this BS. I leave for a road trip and you guys let us get shut down? WTF??

  5. Good riddance douche bags. With CRB gone, I am one step closer to ruling the world. Haaa Haaaaaa Haaaa Haaaaa

  6. Old man on porch10:17 AM

    what is twitter

  7. Horton you need any bad writers over there? I'm looking for a new job it seems

  8. hey OLD MAN!! what have you done?

  9. Damn... I guess this is what I get for living at the beach for the last 4 months.

  10. ODBF,
    You write better than I do. The pay is the same so come on over.

  11. Life Jacket,

    I think we should start our own blog called Rowboat Abides is a

    it will be the coolest site ever.

  12. Horton,

    The Ball of Spray pays 7 sour patch kids an hour? wow, I thought that was just something the CRB did.

  13. No we pay in Skittles. 1 Skittle per word.

  14. ODBF, I'm in. And hungry after all this talk of tasty treats.

  15. So I start a Somlian pirate group and go away for a little bit and this is what happens. Today is not my day, first my men attack a US Navy ship think it was a Steel Reserve cargo ship and now my back up job is gone. Back to whoring myself a guitmo again. Atleast that was consistent.

  16. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I think you guys need to boot the old man out

  17. Hey Guys! Whats going on in this chat room!?!?! :)


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