Apr 8, 2010

Reason 48 Why Our Sport Rules

For those of you in the know, last year the CRB staff took a road trip to Bennets Ski School to partake in the LA Night Jam festivities.  If you don't remember our recap of the event, shame on you, you can refresh your memories here.

We were struck by a number of things, the camaraderie between the skiers and the people watching and the slick, professional way in which the tournament/event ran.  This stands in contrast to many of the ski events that we as a CRB or as individuals have experienced in our 100 or so years of in-depth reporting.

It was to us a glimpse into the future of what can be for our sport.  Something that other events should take note of, what the participants should take note of, etc.  We left late the next afternoon, massive hang overs in tow, still elated at the experience.

One of the more poignant moments of the event was a speech, or tangent, from Freddy in regards to our sport from a structural perspective. 

This was our, my, final bit from last years post.
Freddy, when he was interviewed either in the water or on stage, was pretty emotional or passionate, about supporting the community of our sport, noting that there wasn't a Chevy or whatever as a title sponsor, but, yet, in these economic times that there was probably at least 20 or 30 companies that stepped up and gave money to both advertise for themselves and also support something they believe in.

And THAT, I think, is the crux of the whole thing, this event, the LA Night Jump brought everyone together as a microcosm of what we all can do as waterski community, what we can do to push this sport forward.

So, beyond just how excellent the event was on its own merits, it also seems to have provided the template future growth, and that is why the LA Night Jam was so memorable.
This was something that we have kicked around in the CRB halls since.  It was nothing more then a few sentences spoken after stomping the jump into splinters, but, something that stuck with us since.

No matter your particular allegiance to any specific company, we at the CRB have our own personal faves, but it was more to the "look who has your back, look who sweats the sweat and bleeds the blood and drops the dough to help out."

It was so good.  The feeling was that we are all in this together, as one big, spread out and dysfunctional family of waterski.  Push comes to shove though, we can talk shit about each other within our own walls, but, outside of that, we stick together to promote, to help and to push our sport to, or possibly back to new heights.

Well, the LA Night Jam FB site, which is updated constantly, found Freddy's speach and uploaded that bitch to the youtubes for all of us to see, and remember.

Ignore the first little bit with the douchers talking over it (note, we may have been one of those yakking...there was a fair amount of beer being dranked) and concentrate on the 49 second ish mark and on.  Thats the money shot.  Its something that if you really like our sport and you really care about it, it will remind you of what and why we do what we do.  Its simple, to the point and hits home.

Thats how you do it, thats how you debate. Remember, Night Jam is only a couple short months away, June 5th. Get off your ass and get there. You will not regret it.

 So are we cat, so are we.


  1. Yes...We hella got our drank on. That was a good time all around.

    And Freddy rules. Our sport needs outside sponsers, but for now we dont have them so everyone needs to show as much love as possible for the cats that step up and throw their hard earned dollas down to make events like this possible.

  2. yep. and further, its the people that actually make the sport progress. monster drink or axe or whatever such product that markets to a demo, vs. actively producing product that said demo uses is more important.

    for example, the fact ken block drives a monster energy drink rally car doesn't mean shit, as that is a demo they are marketing too, not a sport in which they participate.

    so on and so forth.

    /falls out of tree


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