Apr 5, 2010

Monday Vid Day - Round 2 GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL or not

This guy wins CRB award for "best fail at reporting a soccer game". That is a new CRB award...I just made it up...


What does this have to do with Skiing? Well it is a perfect example of how the ODBF would announce a ski tournament.

Tadd: OH and that was an AMAZING jump!

Tony: Yes it was Ang...e...li...ki An...Dra...Po...Lou

/puases for dramatic effect

kicked a big one there. Lets go to our man on the dock .

/pauses for dramatic effect

The O.D.B.F

/over pronounces British Style

ODBF: ......

Tadd: ODBF are you there

ODBF: /to concessions stand

Yes and I will take 3 miller lites, 2 Shiner Bock Darks and 4 slices of peperoni pizza.

Tadd: ODBF what did you think of that huge game changing jump

ODBF: /stuffs face with pizza
//slams all five beers

huh...whats that Tadd?

Tadd: Angelikis jump...were you watching?

ODBF: oh yea. Butler in the finals, amazing right?

Tadd: /Face Palm


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    you think awfully high of yourself that you would even get hired to announce that mr. odbf.

    -dig dug

    sent from zach morris's cell phone

  2. Yes I do.

    tell kelly kapowski I said Hi



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