Mar 8, 2010

Wake Wars Abu Dhabi Style

You know what you get on Vid Monday? HELLA VIDS WOOOOOT

**ODBF is lazy***

But actually this is actual news!!! Not just my usual method of googling water skiing, then watching porn for awhile then finally posting something.

The Abu Dhabi Wake Wars was this past weekend and the conditions look less then ideal. But you know what I think? SHUT UP AND TAKE THE MONEY! We compete where the dollas are and if those dollas are in a flooded river and the scores go to hell because of it just deal with it. Our sport does not have millions flowing in from whereever so when there are a few bucks being offered everyone should just suck it up and grab the fat cash. I mean its dolla dolla bills y'all, paid in the form of cash* directly to your hand.

*hella oversized checks

Ladies First

Womens Finals Round Up from Abu Dhabi Wakestock from Tim Royle on Vimeo.

And the dudes. Very limited bitching on their part. Well played!!

Abu Dhabi Wakestock - Mens Wake Finals from Tim Royle on Vimeo.

And the mens winner kicked ass. Never heard of the dude, but then again I only check out Alliance Wakeboard Mag for the Reef Girl ads.

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