Mar 8, 2010

Vid Day Monday

What better way to show how awsome Moomba was for all of us* that made the trip then with a bit of baseball size hail?

*ODBF did not make the trip...just wishful thinking.

The CRB could send reporters places if you slackers would buy some of our CRB products!!!! oh...we dont have any? Well I guess we should correct that oversight then.


Footage from elsewhere in Melbourne. They got rocked, that rules!

ODBF flashback
Some of you remember the original name of this blog when we were the Green Boat House. Well I remember watching summer storms from that boat house and I have to say that Hail storms were completly full of awsomeness from in there. Bunch of kids enjoying a fun day swiming around and other such shenanagens when a storm would roll in. And we would all run in the boat house to watch the storm. Hail makes a kick ass sound on an old wooden on water boat house like that. Ahhhh memories....Oh to be young again...and to have working knees.

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