Mar 21, 2010

This Would Have Been Easier

Over at the B.O.S, there is a post from Dave Goode about the new Mid Goode slalom. You can read it here, but, no need to.

Not that its poorly written or anything along those lines, no.  Here, lets check out a quick block quote, shall we?
The 9900SL MID uses GOODE's SL asymmetric features. There are two models of skis in each length and flex, each designed for a specific skier, Right-Foot Forward or Left-Foot Forward. The 9900SL MID is made with a premium grade PURE Carbon Fiber construction.

Each 9900SL MID ski compensates for the flex and torsional differences introduced by different skiing styles and virtually removes the idea of an "Off-Side" turn.

"My best three scores of 2009 were on the MID! Very fluid in the turn and a clean finish, too," said Nick Parsons.
Huh.  thats all good.  but, here.  lets look at the very last sentance in the post.
GOODE Skis hold both the Men's and Women's World Slalom Records.
Well, Jesus, why didn't you just say that first??

/whips out C.C
/Orders ski
/Gets divorced


  1. not to be a stickler for the rules or anything but dont you have to be married to get divorced?

  2. you son of a bitch!


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