Mar 6, 2010

Spam Comments Suck

This happens to us from time to time, the CRB brand i-phones, or crbhones, are hooked up to the contact chevette, in order for us to stay directly in-tuned with website updates, comments, company wide emails and various other propaganda features that flow through the CRB mainframe on a day-to-day basis.

So, everytime something like this happens our phones will buzz in our pocket and we will get excited that something awesome is happening, like, did Marcus Brown go with a faux-dread-hawk?  Did Danielle Lloyd finally relent and succomb to our constant woo-ing?  Did the Ball of Spray chop our twitter feed off his main page for foul language?  again???

NO!  its a god damn spam email from some company in Cuba that has developed a pill that you take once a day and it makes your junk big enough to KNOCK DOWN TREES!!

Serious, that is an actual email we have recieved, in the subject line it said, "KNOCK DOWN TREES WITH YOUR GIANT COCK!"

Now, this brings up an interesting point.  Why would any man want that?  would that not be unwieldy?  You couldnt wear a normal pair of shorts, it would be difficult to sit down and for god sake, imagine driving around somewhere...for instance, you are dropping off some dry-cleaning, swinging by a walgreens to pick up birth control pills and some aquafresh, then swinging by the grocery store for some cheez-its and a 30-pack of Milwaukee's best.  Well, your mind wanders and bwoooooop, there is some movement.  Well, damnit!  You can't turn the steering wheel anymore!  In fact, if it could knock down trees, you have probably been rocketed into the back seat or even the trunk of your car because it smacked off the dashboard and you went flying.


Anyways, this issue has now found itself festering in our comments section of our blog.  Serious, poke around various posts and you will see paragraphs of russian speak, or links to canadian drug companies or other some non-sense.  Its awful.

We have a RSS feed that shows comments, so, we know when someone pops onto a post written 3 years ago and is bitching about our take on whatever we were bitching about back then.  Now its getting all cluttered with this shit.


We have instituted the dreaded Word Verification thing for all comments.  It sucks, we know.  But, listen, we do NOT need someone telling us about a sweet financial opportunity or whatever.  Its garbage and we arent sure, especially based on the terrible blogger platform, how else to combat this issue.

Sure, we could get Nola the dog to bark, bite and attack those spammers, but, the plane tickets to wherever they come from would become far to expensive and time consuming.  So, we are doing this.

With that being said, enjoy the damn weekend.  check in often to the moomba site for updates, follow the proper twitter accounts for instant updates and play your neighbor in a game of horse in your driveway, then when you win, tip over their garbage and do a burn-out in their lawn.

Winner reap the benifits of domination.


Speak now. Give us your tired your hungry your weak. We will make them into CRB Staff

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