Mar 1, 2010

Kyle Improving

Kyle Eade posted on his Caringbridge site this weekend. This is the first time the words are straight from him. There is very promising news in this report. Sounds like this will be a very slow process, but the news is much more promising then it sounded initially.

"Progress is definitely slow but I have been told to be patient … it really
is just a waiting game right now. I am on my back looking at the ceiling for a
total of 6-8 weeks to allow time for the fractured vertebrae to heal and the
swelling and trauma to my neck and spinal chord to subside. There are numerous
positives already that I am pinning my hopes to … I have sensation everywhere
although very altered in places and strength and mobility is returning to my
arms and shoulders.

In an earlier update there was mention of a flicker
in my toes and while this was true, I was actually really just inducing a spasm
in my legs which the doctors weren’t as excited about as I was. However, I had a
good day yesterday when I definitely got a controlled contraction in my upper
right leg several times with the head doctor witnessing.​ It was the happiest I
have seen the doctor for awhile and he mentioned this was a very positive sign.
There were also flickers felt in my left hamstring and calf although nowhere
near as prominent as my right leg. Who knows exactly what this means for my
recovery but I cling to every piece of good news and use it to fuel my
determinati​on to make more progress each and every day no matter how small."

Kyl​e Eade

a.k.a “The Flying Kiwi”

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