Happy Get Drunk in Remembrance of Some Drunk Irish Guy

A few notes on the one day of the year everyone is encouraged to drink like the Irish.

1) This movie was some freaky shit. I could not eat my daily Lucky Charms for quite some time.

2) Shut the hell up about how much Irish you have in you. No one cares. That 1/16th Irish in you means exactly dick. Your short temper comes from the fact you are a spoiled brat, not the Irish hearatige. You don't hear people talking about the 1/8th French in them. Oh...well that could be because that part surrendered already...ok bad example.

3) Dont drink Bushmills on St. Patricks day. And yes you do need to drink whisky on this day. Green Bud Light does not count as irish booze

4) Stay the hell away from Mobile and their Leprechaun crack heads.


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