Feb 22, 2010

Video Monday - Ski Jump Ski Fly

Years back Scot Ellis and Bruce Nevin (me thinks? cant remember) developed ski flying, which flipping ruled. Crazy distances and awsome crashes and all that noize. Hell Jaret went 299... freaking 1 foot shy of a football field.

Here is Mark Shaw rocking out a nice jump with I belive Scot doing the color commentary.

But long before ol' Ralph Samuleson strapped a few boards to his feet and hit the water the crazy scandinavians had been jumping Ol' Sondre Norheim decided to jump over rocks. (huh?)

Some how this sport is almost as big as soccer and F-1 in Germany. Lets copy them!

And by lets copy them I dont mean the crashing all over the place I mean the big crowds and lots of dollars and all that fun shiznit.

and a pretty sweet vid of ski jumping with a video camara.

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