Feb 15, 2010

Vid Monday Continued

Ok so this Vid Monday idea will probably die today. Not because I dont like it but because it leads to the CRB staff just watching vids all day.

CRB submited vid suggestions for Vid Monday:

Dig Dug is watching speed trials of Super Mario Bros levels
Life Jacket is watching Coast Guard training vids (he is a life jacket...)
Minion is watching prison bitch vids. (they have those? wtf)
Rowboat Abides asked what the internet is
And the accounting staff sent me S&M porn vids. (they are sick)

But ODBF came thru and found this vid of crazy jumping.

Seriously, dude is doing a helli with a harness on and towing a guy doing a front. Now that is awsome.


  1. I always thought Camel Toe was something else

  2. What is this series of tubes as to which you speak?

    /puffs pipe


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