Feb 1, 2010

USAWS ignores the CRB

We recieved word thru one of our many spies that the USAWS board voted down changing the name to USA Water Ski and Wake Board.

Well that is a good thing because that name SUCKS!!! Really? Did you guys learn nothing from at all from us??? We told you back in Sept of 2008 that USA Waterski and Wakeboard was a name for SUCKERS!! USA Watersports is the only option here guys...think about it, you add Wakeboard in and now you have USA Waterski and Wakeboard...and that gets you...absolutly DICK! Now you just have given the kneeboarders, hydrofoilers and barefooters the idea that their names should be listed too. Now I know that "USA Waterski (Disabled, Collegiete and Traditional), Wakeboard, Showski, Kneeboard, Hydrofoil and Barefoot" just rolls... off... the....

Now what do Latin American Football team cheerleaders have to do with this subject? Nothing, but I got bored bitching about something that does not matter. One of our spies told me the other day when I was laughing about how this vote was a complete waste of time and ODBF said "Its funny how something so trivial as this causes this much tension when our sport has real issues". Mr. Spy laughed, called me neive and told me to get back in a bass boat.

I am in the wrong sport. Of course we do have the hottest participants of any sport but come one now! How can you go wrong with this?
Ok actually that seems a bit slutty...
/sells skis on ebay
//checks Orbitz
///books flight to whatever the hell team has those girls
What was the point of this post?

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  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Awesome. Well done sir. And you totally went third person. Perfect

    -dig dug

    sent from my shitty razr


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