Feb 7, 2010

Smiling Dog presents Supa Bow

Below is the worlds best dog. A dog that smiles. The internet is a wonderful place. A place that has things like, the snooki crash, A velociraptor on a bike, sharks, the bear-shark-tapus and metal dogs

So, today is the super bowl, which has become almost unbearable in the lead up to it.  Two weeks of fame-whores and idiots peddaling every conceivable product and looking for air-time regardless of anything even tangentially relating to the football game.

Its AWESOME!  I need more of Kurt Warner selling us God and Milk, I need more Marissa Miller selling me AXE hair product, or whatever the fuck else is going on.  Its great.  Its like one gigantic orgy of marketing.  Marvelous.

Anyways, as ODBF reported, our employees made our picks and sense the ODBF somehow doesn't know how to use a phone or the google machine, i put my pic in the comments.  big deal.  I want the saints to win, so i pick em.

Why?  Because Drew Brees is awesome and Peyton manning is a dick.  Thats it.  Thats the list.


  1. oh and the google machine is difficult. I think you were on one of the other internets that day

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