Feb 9, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

This is what the lake looks like right now. Well not my lake but some lake somewhere...looked like that...once...damn it leave me alone its freaking cold out there.

And what warms a good waterskier up?
Pics of hot peeps!*

Now this is some winter skiing we could get into. Well winter skiing other then the kind we already do...which saddly does not currently involve wicked hot girls in bikinis.
*would add pics for you ladies out there but no one ever sends any in*
And for a bit of good tunes how about some "Them Crooked Vultures"


  1. That followed the proper crb post rule book to the letter.

    Sympathize or align yourself with the reader

    re-direct to someone hot

    end with music.

    You get that 1st 1/4 bonus.

  2. however, while the choice of music was spot on, you are graded down slightly with twitter user ashton in it.

    sorry, our rules are tough. but fair.

  3. SCORE! damn ashton. how the hell is he popular? shitty actor and not funny at all.


    he would be a perfect addition to the crb!


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