Feb 9, 2010

London Night Jump

London Night Jump is one of the coolest events of the year by far. Well pretty much any night jump freaking rules! But the London Night jump was one of the first* tournaments to realize how awsome jumping looks when done under lights.

*maybe the first, but really what do you want me to do reaserch or something?

The CRB made the treck last summer to the LA Night Jam, we could not make the trip to London as we are broke and live in a homeless shelter off MLK dr. But we will be making the trip back to Bennetts this year. We also hear word coming down the pipe that the new Malibu open which is heading back to Wisconsin (sans Dr. Jim we hope) and will also have a night jump. We hear that one is right in the city and could get a huge crowd. There are probably some other night jumps but again, I dont feel like doing any actual research and our staff of trained monkeys is out for the night at the local piano bar*.

*dont ask me why a piano bar, they are monkeys.

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