Feb 2, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out - Cuz I Can Edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

So as usual the IWWF* has completly failed to have an interesting website or to provide any actual information on said website.


Not really sure why this moto cross website puts up waterski news, but they do...like this bit about Liquid Force and McCormicks cable park signing a deal. Odd site, almost as bad as the IWWF site...no thats just not a fair comparison. A animal porn site would probably have more useful waterski info then the IWWF site does. Plus on animal porn sites you could see some awsome...um...ok thats just gross. /vomits

USA Water Ski has announced the 4 boats approved for 2010 and apperantly this carries weight down under as well.

15,000 people are taking part in protecting the winter Olympics in Vancouver that starts in 10 days. What does this have to do with waterskiing? Not much really but the olympics rule, what other time can you catch Curling on TV? Or watch the Kazakstan womens hockey team...

Host of the British TV Show "The One Show", Christine Bleakley, is going to ski across the English Channel to raise money for some cause. I dont know what the cause is because I did not read the article. Who can be bothered to read when there are British girls with bad teeth to look at? What is this Russia? (russian girls probably nsfw)*
*note* when google image searching for "russian girls" while at work make sure your boss is not around.

A bio diesel and desalinazation plant (how the hell does that go together?) are working with the Moree Water Ski Club to let them use their storage lakes. Cool to see a big industrial plant working with a ski team. But lets go back to that first part...bio diesel...and desalinization...so you have...hmmm... **Note to self** do not drink the water in Moree Australia.
Oh and for todays sign of the apocolypse...
Jersey Shore will be back for another season. I fucking hate you MTV. DIE IN A FIRE!
And to not end on a depressing note. Bennetts has anounced that the LA Night Jam III will be June 5th. Now you have no excuses for not being there, they have given you plenty of time to request off work or get fired.


  1. get off at work? is that what you just said???

  2. ummmm...did I? cuz thats a bit of a...well if you do have a hot secretary...


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