Feb 12, 2010

Kyle Eade Injured

From "Australian Skier" on ski fly

Kyle has crashed in the south island of new zeland yesterday and was
airlifted to hospital. He has a break between vert 3/4 ( I think)
and has severed the nerve…doesn’t sound too good, he had no feeling
in legs yesterday morning but could feel the pin jab slightly in his toe
yesterday afternoon they are operating today.

Back injuries are never good, even worse is the news that he severed the spinal nerves. But if he can feel the pin jab in his toe that is actually very good news considering the situation.

The CRB is normally just full of dick jokes and our random thoughts, but sometimes we all need to take a good look at our sport. Waterskiing is not only the coolest sport there is but it is also full of the best people around. Just check out the skifly page or any of the waterskier twitters out there to get an idea of how close knit of a family waterskiers really are.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Kyle and his family.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Kyle is married to my cousin, Karyn. Our whole family in Canada is thinking about you. We are praying for you, Karyn and the boys. Stay strong. He can now feel and move his legs.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Dangerous business, boys. And when you go at it as hard as Kiwi does bad stuff can happen. Will be praying for him for a full recovery, and for peace for his family. Jim

  3. To follow Kiwi's status and recovery check out the caringbridge site.


  4. Brenda Baldwin8:11 AM

    Today we will be sending you a flyer to post about a Kiwi t-shirt. All proceeds go to Kyle and his family. Show your support of a great fellow skier.

    to learn more: brenda@413sga.com


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