Feb 9, 2010

CRB Off Topic - Led Zepplin

The Rowboat often adds tunes to some of our posts, but as I have nothing waterski related to rant about right now...Here is some kick ass Led Zepplin!

Not sold on the open shirts and all that weird shit but damn did they make good music. Maybe someday soon a new band will come around that can make good tunes again. Or maybe the general public will realize that Nickleback and bullshit music making ilk are god awful.

I'm jumping in here as well!  Regarding the bullshit like Nickleback and other assorted crap, check out this awesome editorial from a cool music site, Antiquiet, LINK.  Here is the relevant quote about Nickleback and Miley Cyrus.
Stardom is manufactured, and it’s not measured by talent. Nobody over fourteen is under the impression that cookie-cutter stars Nickelback and Miley Cyrus are the pinnacle of musical achievement, but they’re international phenomenons with staggering sales and exposure. This simpleton argument that we’re killing this beautiful, universal essence by cutting Goliath off at the knees is, reliably, one of two things: either the desperate rantings of the fatcats and middlemen just beginning to feel the gears of this beautiful New Machine tearing into their flesh, or simply the reaction to the cold slap of reality when a hack artist realizes that they’re actually going to have to spill their blood and eat the dirt that comes with paying their dues and building their craft into something respectable, something people want to pay for.
Its a great article.  Preachy at times, but, generally quite relevant to the majority of stuff that is out there.  Real talent and music do shine through, but, its rare.  With that in mind and for the people from the D.C area that just got bitch slapped by snow, here is a version of Winterlong by Neil Young.

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