Feb 11, 2010

3 lake ski site? yes please

The City of Columbus IN is looking into building a new park with baseball fields, some other stuff...and 3 SKI LAKES.

The water ski lakes are part of a downtown redevelopment plan, which also calls for the construction of indoor and outdoor sports complexes.

The CRB staff has alredy rented the moving trucks and packed everything up. I am currently typing this while sitting in the parking lot of a starbucks stealing the interwebs.

The ski lakes project probably won't start until fall at the earliest, said
Ed Curtin, executive director for Columbus Redevelopment Commission.

ODBF: What the hell are we going to do in Columbus until then?

City of Columbus: do this stuff

ODBF: SCREW THAT if there is no skiing Im not coming

City of Columbus: Its winter! The water is all frozen anyways.

ODBF: I BRING THE HEAT. That pussy ice cant stop the ODBF!

ODBF: /pulls on sunggy

Columbus eyes developing ski lakes near downtown as sports draw link
Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundations gifts $97,970 for Columbus ski lake plan link

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