Jan 15, 2010

You. Are. Insane

We are not even going to put the CRB research team onto this video.  It is by far insane enough without anything other then this.

This lady was barefooting at over 100 mph.

Your gear looks mean, the boat looks mean, the camera work is...well, shitty, but your slide on your ass at 100 is awesome.

Not sure why you decided to do this, but, anything done for silly reasons is WAY o.k in our book.

Wow huh?


  1. so that could be even more insane than speed skiing is. all those guys are nuts.

  2. good point. both those sports are crazy. thinking this one is a touch more crazy. at least in speed skiing you are on skis. here, you catch a toe and you prob don't have your toe anymore.

    or your butt.

  3. damn, this girl (like most) is so much cooler than i'll ever be. but that said, is it so hard to hold a camera at least somewhat still?


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