Jan 3, 2010

Top (Frozen) Water Ski Vids

Back to the office. Damnit. What's on the plate for tomorrow? I'll probably check my email and ignore or delete my entire inbox, and then think about skiing for the rest of the day. Ooooh, the best part is, after the start of this winter, I now have two kinds of skiing to dedicate my thoughts to. What's better than slaloming in frigid cold water? Downhill water skiing on the frozen stuff! Here are some distractions for your workday...

Best Pro Segment: Shane McConkey Tribute in MSP's 'In Deep'
The clip says it all, but Shane McConkey was pretty much the sickest snow skier to have ever lived. Sadly, his skis have followed their last line. Here's a look into the life of a legend and an alpine sports pioneer.

Best Park Edit: Scott Klumb's '11/12/2009 Breck Opening Day'
As newschool as it gets - ghetto rap, baggy clothes, and some of the most incomprehensibly talented skiing on the mountain today. Bobby Brown proved he's a beast last month when he placed 4th in the Dew Tour stop at Breckenridge with a fresh 26 stitches in his leg. You may not dig anything that doesn't involve turning gates, but there's no doubt that these guys are serious athletes.

Water Skiing Waves?: Salomon's FreeskiTV Takes to the Surf
Well, this turned out to be less dumb than I first expected, but come on, haven't these guys heard of wakeskiing?

Courtesy of Newschoolers.com


  1. Maybe I should actually watch the whole video before I write dumb commentary... yeah those guys have heard of wakeskis, they're actually riding them.

  2. ehh, actually watching a whole vid before tearing it down is boring. I prefer to just look at the first few seconds then make up the rest.

    like any vid that has a girl in the first few seconds is of course going to turn in to porn... and so on.


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