Jan 19, 2010

Some Wine, Cheese, and Buoys

In yesterdays post, here, about our confusion over what or how West Coast Slalom works or is, we got a comment from super awesome Robby Trimble, who is one of the owners of the Ski Sunset Ranch inviting us out for some wine and skiing.  Strange combo you say??  Nay!  Ski Sunset Ranch has both waterskiing AND wine!  Thats a dynamic duo.

Check it out!  Ski Sunset Ranch and Trimble-Estates wine. 

Thats a tough thing to pass up, no??

We agree, and Robby followed up with an email saying that the CRB readers should make their way out the Napa valley area and ski with the peeps.  Its true!  She said it!
Spending the last 20 years heavily involved in all facets of waterskiing from tournaments to building and owning our own lake, we have experienced many different schools, lessons and sites in our own search for water ski skill improvement. 6 years ago when we embarked on what is now Skisunsetranch, the goal was to provide something different than what we had seen and experienced on many water ski vacations. There were several elements that we wanted to offer to differentiate our experience from anything we knew about.

A few of the items on the priority list were a slam dunk. Glass water. Our beautiful lake is surrounded by our Syrah vineyard and what are now over 50 foot Eucalyptus trees, that makes for awesome skiing conditions pretty much all day every day. Second priority, in our quest to provide a water ski vacation like no other, was accommodations that were pleasant for all, skiers and non skiers. Our classy lakefront cottage is the best, it has 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and is clean and stylish too, suitable for one skier or a group. The lakefront cottage and our home are the only houses on our 40 acres. Another major differentiator was to be able to provide flexibility to ski on your own schedule: get up early or sleep in late, we do not silo skiers into specific time slots. Doug has been coaching our guests for over six years now and his reputation for being able to speak in a language beginners to advanced skiers respond to is impeccable. Although we already offer a ski experience that brings great value for your water ski vacation dollar, one piece of the plan has been missing until this year.

Being serious skiers ourselves, taking lessons and being coached by tons of different people, it is absolute, when it comes to coaching one size does truly not fit all. If you go to Xyz School you get who and what you get, which is not always what resonates with you the skier. From the time Skisunsetranch started we wanted to offer coaching choices, it is true that good things come to those who wait! We are pleased to announce…in addition to having the opportunity to ski a beautiful wind protected lake, staying in first class accommodations, skiing on your schedule with great coaching that has been well established for over 6 years now you can really have it your way. We have entered into exclusive arrangement with Nick Parsons and Terry Winter. In addition to our wonderful standard ski program, skiers looking for a professional water skiers coaching now have 2 choices with very different water ski styles. We now offer 3 different slalom coaching options with 2 different stay choices and a day lesson program, all very reasonably priced. So, we really have become a “Waterski Vacation like No Other!

Look forward to skiing with you soon,

Doug and Robby Trimble

There is it people.  Lets do the damn thing.  Give Doug or Robby a call, or email, or tweet, or carrier pigeon and rock their world.

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  1. Now that is awsome. I am so down for some solid skiing and tasty cheese and wine! now that is an awsome combo. my favorites skiing and then drinking!! woot


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