Jan 6, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out - Whenever I Feel Like it Edition

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Twiggy is hitting up some boat and RV show Houma LA (southern part of the state), and apperantly his owners goal is to make him the "spokes animal" for water safety. Now the CRB has a saying "Safety knows no season", which I think means that wearing flotation is for pussies, but I could be wrong... Oh but the story about why Twiggys owner pushes water safety is kinda sad.
Marcus Brown goes on a good rant about Waterskiing having to follow the USOC rules but getting nothing in return. And by nothing in return I think he means FREAKING NOTHING, not only are we not included in the Olympics but they dont even give a few dollars to support the top skiers.


So some wakeboarders in Alabama hit the water on New Years Day. Oh and these guys did the same thing but in Georgia. And these peeps swam at the Princes Club in London. You want to know what I did on New Years? Well its pretty simple really...I was really hungover (after the raging CRB Mansion* Party) so I kinda sat around all day. What I did not do was go skiing cuz it was about -15 and the lakes were freaking FROZEN. Just like the water was for this fund raiser in Missouri, so they pulled wakeboarders in the snow behind a tractor.
*homeless shelter

The Australian Rural and Regional Development Minsiter has a good head on her shoulders. When talking about a spot on the river where people ski she said "What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon". Now that right there is a great attitude. What better way to spend a summer day then chilling at the river (or lake) and grabbing a few sets. Ok now I have really depresed myself...DAMN SNOW!

Those damn Aussies really like to rub it in that its all warm and not snowing in their country right now. Yea yea rub it in...so what if you can ski and have the 2010 Monster Energy Wake Wars and all that. You know what we can do right now that you cant? Shivver! yea I bet your pissed that its summer there now! dicks

Oh and just a reminder that everyone should go out and buy a boat. (the boating industry is still getting hammered) **and by go buy a boat I dont mean go pick up some PWC or a Bayliner, cuz if you do that I will send the Minion after you**


Ok that was done correctly


  1. its cold where? its freaking cold everywhere. at the next crb staff meeting i am putting on the table we relocate our offices to the equator.

  2. I could handle that. I hate cold weather. this freezing stuff is bullshit


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