Jan 28, 2010

Haiku, no Hike Me!!

You fly through the air
Toyota Specialist says
Doing it Wrong


Someone stole my ski
lojack may have been helpful
fall will really hurt

French flips and spins say
nattys record is going down
if clem has her way


Back Flip with a twist
says natalia goes down
if clem has her way

I used to fly far
could go so much further with
Bea Arthur's jumpers


Hot summer nights was
a highlight of watersports
work now with Mickey

First hard shell binding
attached to long piece of wood
held by a water babe


I eat two burgers
I drink five cans of miller
Then stomp 38 off


  1. Lauryn Eagle is a babe!

  2. is that really who that is? whoa. i thought that was some old ass picture.


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