Jan 22, 2010

Cypress Gardens Part 2

So the word from the Merlin and Legoland press confrence is that the Waterski Show will be back!...maybe. Nick Varney, Merlins CEO said
Merlin said it plans to keep the popular Splash Island Waterpark operating, although it will be a separate, ticketed admission. Cypress Gardens' water ski shows and one of its two wooden roller coasters will probably be integrated into the new Legoland as well
Our intrepid reporters got a chance to ask some hard hitting questions
ODBF: Hey Mister! So does that mean there will be lego boats? Cuz I have been working on this and I cant see this boat pulling barefooters...
Varney: what? What time is it?
Varney: /sits up turns on lamp
ODBF: A lego jump ramp perhaps?
Varney: How did you even get in here...its...its...4 in the damn morning. Who are you?
ODBF: I have this awsome idea for lego wetsuits!
ODBF: /eats eggo waffle and sausage patty
Varney: I'm calling the cops!
ODBF: I think we can make this lego thing awsome. Based on this map of the new park I'm thinking a lego stadium on the magnitude of this just around the lake instead of that lame lawn ferry field*.
*used to play soccer so dont get all "soccer is a real sport too, waa waa".
ODBF: And lego ballet girls too like this

Cops: All right your coming with us
Cops: /drag ODBF away
ODBF: I think lego seats will be very uncomfortable, unless you put some of those smooth top pieces on top of them...
Cops: /punch
ODBF: Oh and check this out, there is even a lego bible.
Varney: *yelling from house* what is wrong with you? your insane!!
So needless to say the ODBF will be leaving us for one of the major networks very soon based on his interviewing skills.


  1. hahaha! nice work.

  2. dear christ, i just noticed in the map there is a section called "xtreme"

    this shit is bound to fail.

  3. that map pic sucks. I could not find a better one though.

    if anyone has a better one send it over!


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