Dec 6, 2009

Your Move Boat Companies

This video is from the awesome tv show Myth Busters and here they strap some rockets to a sled and demolish a car.  Why?  because they can dude.

Now, with all the talk of efficiency or going green or whatever, we say hogwash!  We want rockets on our boats!  When I go out to the palatial CRB estate for my morning long distance jump and wakeboard session, i demand that instead of a comfy 35 mph our 18-ish or whatever, I want 650 mph at all time!

At the end of our lake we will install a huge cement and steel wall to stop our rocket boat, but, instead of a big huge block, it will be sort of like a sideways 1/2 pipe, so the rocket boat just turns around and hauls ass back down the lake.  Oh yeah, I will get in a good 50-60 jumps in about two minutes.

Thats the future!  Live it, love it and learn it.  Its coming people, open your doors and your hearts, and love will find its way in.


  1. The cut towards the the jumps is going to be a bitch... besides going at an insane speed, you'll be going through the jet exhaust (aka a giant torch of flame that comes out the back at super hot temperatures). Good news is you'll be able to ski year round no matter where you live. Bad news is you'll typically turn out extra crispy after a few trips to the ramp.

  2. I prefer "original style" over "extra crispy"


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